Sunday, September 10, 2006

On a walk...

We took a walk late afternoon Saturday and saw people looking down a little pedestrian street near St. Gervais-St. Protais. There was filming going on, so we walked around to the other side to get a better look. One of the actors looked familiar. He's the older many in the blue jacket in the background, sitting on the bench and standing behind the group of technicians. We think we've seen him in some films at the VCU French Film Festival. The woman, probably a PA, was telling everyone to turn off their cell phones. I crossed the street to spend time with my phone, trying to learn how to do that, when the bells of the church started to ring, really, really loudly! We all laughed. And they ran for a loooong time. So who didn't check when that would happen? Wonder if they got in trouble!

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