Friday, September 08, 2006

The tiny kitchen.

The kitchen is very tiny, only one of us at a time doing cooking or clean-up. Here's the first look and after we set up with some provisions. Our friend, who'd been in the atelier before us, left us a bag of goodies. Peanut butter from home, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sugar, pasta, and more. All very appreciated, like a house warming gift. And a bottle of wine with a cork stuck in it, so it sits as a souvenir. There is a two burner hot plate, no oven or micro-onde (wave.) The frigo makes ice cubes! Hooray! Having the extra door from the kitchen to the toilet closed off was a good change.


Mica said...

So funny to see that it is still exactly the same, although, ice cubes
?!? that's huge!
My new office has free seltzer and Ice, im pretty excited about that.
It is the little things, after all!

Dawn said...

Ryan says, "Peanut butter, yuck!"