Thursday, September 21, 2006

Getting a baguette.

This morning, I decided to go off early for a baguette. I didn't take my camera, just some coins. It was clear and bright and people were on their way to work, children accompanied by parents on their way to school. Often the parents were wearing the children's backpacks. A father with two little boys pulling tiny rolling suitcases. On rue St.-Antoine, the workers were already working on the construction in front of the shops, a new pedestrian way is being created. The FranPrix wasn't open yet. I entered the really nice boulangerie, Aux Desirs de Manon, with working men in green uniforms and men in suits, and got a really nice, fresh baguette and a pain au raisin. The bread at this boulangerie is made with more of a whole grain and is very good. It cost 1 euro. The other boulangerie where we sit and have coffee has .70 euro baguettes. Very good, also, but more refined flour is used. The pain au raisin was so delicious. Oh to be able to bring some home! Sorry, no picture. We ate it too quickly.

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