Saturday, September 30, 2006

Palais de Tokyo, encore

The new exhibition opened at the Palais de Tokyo so we took the metro there. We first had lunch in their very cool cafe, Tokyo Eats. Really good food. They also have a little self-serve cafeteria on the lower level, looking out onto the terrace. The show had some very new works in it and was based around two concepts. One was something about billions of years of creation and not closing one's self off to new art, and the other on randomness....I think. In any case, a few things stood out for us. One was called moving circle in the handout. I looked for it, couldn't find it, then on the wall saw what looked like a pencil drawing of a circle. About 8" or 10" in diameter. Moving circle. Hmmm. We weren't supposed to touch the art work - ne touchez pas - but I touched the wall below the circle and slowly moved my fingers up. I got a real shock when my fingers crossed the "pencil line" and I felt extremely fast movement under my finger tips. I pulled back so fast that Chuck thought I'd gotten an electric shock. It was a shock of the unexpected. Chuck looked at the circle on his camera & we could see it moving on the screen. Wow! Another thing we liked was a white room with a number of floor fans placed in the center facing out blowing a large circle of cassette tape...holding it up in the air, moving it around. It looked like a line drawing in motion. Chuck stepped into the circle, while I popped into a corner to stay out of the way of the tape. It was really good. There were a couple other pieces that we liked and a whole bunch we didn't, but we were really glad we saw the show. Chuck took some pictures of the relief on the front of the building facing the river. Lots of graffiti, though, too bad. And a bunch of boys skateboarding on the steps. We walked a bit, saw the memorial to Princess Diana by the Place de l'Alma, then took the metro back to the Cite.

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