Friday, September 29, 2006

A surprise!

I'd forgotten all about my fake tooth, until it fell out. Luckily, I didn't bite down on it. When I looked at it I was a bit puzzled, and here's where the forgetting part came in, "what is this? Oh my, a fake tooth." I got queasy right away, then called Ruth to find out if they knew of an English speaking dentist. I shoved the tooth back in my mouth and off we went to the event we'd gotten tickets for. The tooth clicked into place so I was less queasy. The next morning, I mentioned this problem to Catherine at the reception desk and she told me they used Dr. Bonnard right by St. Paul. We walked over there & I made my appointment for the next day. I didn't even know if this Dentist spoke English. Chuck came with me the next day, he liked the waiting room because it had good magazines, and the bookcase had art books in it, and the ceiling was painted like a pale sky with birds in it. The Dentist was young and spoke to me in French, Uh oh! But when I said in English that I didn't understand fully what he was telling me, he switched to English. Whew! So he got the tooth cemented back in, BUT there is a bigger problem, which will have to be dealt with when we return. I only hope nothing gets worse until then. Meanwhile, he prescribed a mouth wash. It's colored reddish, and I read the ingredients and only recognized one - the colorant: cochineal. Oh NO! I learned about that in the Victoria Finlay book, Color, a natural history of the Palette. It's blood from a beetle. Ugh!

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