Thursday, September 28, 2006


We'd passed this poster in a window around the corner many times, and decided to check out the website. There were some really fun videos on it so we reserved tickets for the show. We know the little street where the theatre is located and got there early to pay for the seats. We stood in line & when the door opened we went into a teeny theatre, right behind the teeny ticket box (the size of a standing person) and sat on teeny benches (like church kneelers) to look at a teeny stage. People crowded in & finally they came on stage. They did their act mainly seated on TALL stools. They played the accordians, sang, told their "story", pantomimed, made funny faces. They were so cute and funny. And it really must have been hilarious 'cause people in the audience laughed a lot. I caught a few words here and there, Chuck with his limited French vocab, caught little, but we enjoyed it and were glad we went. All we know from the little writ-up on a piece of paper outside the theatre is something about waiting for true love to appear and what happens in the meantime, or something like that. ha ha ha ha ha

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