Sunday, September 17, 2006

The big loud happening...

Chuck came in from his walk: "Come quickly, you must see this," he said. He'd gone towards the Bastille on his walk. As he got closer he felt a thumping and heard LOUD music. As he got to the Place, he saw thousands of young people who were bobbling up and down to the loud music coming from "floats." We rushed down to the street and towards Rue de Rivoli. I had to pull back from the pressure it was causing in my chest and ears. We paralleled the street catching glimpses of the crowd and the floats (big trucks.) At the Place in front of the Mairie (townhall) we got closer. It was some kind of techno happening. Just amazing. We thought it must be like what Carneval is like without fancy costumes, though many of the kids were somewhat costumed. It was LOUD! We watched for a bit, then headed to Centre Pompidou.

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