Monday, September 18, 2006

More old buildings

The second building we entered was the Hotel St.-Aignan, a restored mansion, that now houses the Museum of Jewish Art and History. Entering, we had to go through security like at the airport, but everyone was very pleasant about it. We saw an exhibit about the Dreyfus case, and looked at books. The large courtyard had a contemporary stature representing Dreyfus.

The third building housed the National Archives. It was originally the Hotel de Guise (1553) and then became the Hotel de Soubise in the 1700s. We didn't tour the building, just went around the entry courtyard with it's lawns and covered arcade. The fourth building houses the Credit Municipale and the tower of Philippe-Auguste. Old, these buildings are old. This one was from the 1700s, with one part being older, from the 14th century. We didn't get any pictures of this one. Many people were touring these buildings, which gave an idea about how people were interested in their history, preserving it, honoring it.

On the way to the Jewish museum, we passed by the American Apparel shops. Prices were higher than in the states, but it was fun to see the clothing here in Paris.

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