Sunday, September 17, 2006

Our first visit to Centre Pompidou in years...

The sight of Centre Pompidou is as startling as ever. Here is this bright, modern building that suddenly pops into view between old buildings. The workings are all visible, something like the yellow for electricity, the blue for air, the red for whatever, I can't remember. We didn't plan to visit the exhibits, just wanted to browse in the wonderful book store, with so many art books and magazines that we never get to see, to look at the products in the gift shop, to have a coffee and soak up the atmosphere. Our snack was tasty & we liked the name of Chuck's drink so much that we took the bottle with us. Bella Lula - a very citrus-y lemonade! We did walk through the show of political cartoons by Willem. Really in your face stuff. There was a warning notice that some of the images would disturb children. Outside of the entrance on the very slopping Place, where people lounge around, there was a group of Mongolia musicians. Very interesting sounding. We'll be back to see the collection another time, as well as to see a dance performance next week.

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