Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wine degustation

Yesterday, we went off in the rain and chill, me with TWO wool sweaters on, to a wine tasting on a boat on the Seine, by the Eiffel tower. We rode 3 different metro lines and on the third, we ended up on the same train as our friends, whom we were meeting. How fun is that? Quel surprise!! The boat was docked a little ways from the Metro Bir Hakeim, with a view of the Tower looming over us, we walked in the rain down the Quai Suffren and up the gangplank. The boat was lovely inside, a dinner boat actually. It was very crowded with the wine sellers booths lining each side, as well as sellers of chocolate, honey products, foie gras, escargots, all in a narrow space. The views were nice and the gentle rocking reminded us that we WERE on a boat. We are such novices with wine, (or debutantes, don't you love that word?) but we tried wines suggested by our friends and are beginning to discover what we like and why. We bought three bottles of wine from Château Eugénie, a 2003 Cahors. Very tasty. They have three importers in the U.S. so the wines are available there, as well as in Europe (and Japan.) They're located near Toulouse, which we visited in 2006. Maybe someday, we'll take a trip back to that area, stay in a Gite (B & B) and tour the vineyard. Could happen! Meanwhile, we'll enjoy some nice wine. (sorry the one photo with the sign has a person blocking the view, but I wanted to show you how
one stands at the counter to taste and has a view of the river.)

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