Sunday, December 21, 2008

The lights and the rink.

Lighting is really a big thing here in Paris. Here's the holiday scene in front of a tiny, expensive, restuarant on Ile de la Cité near Notre Dame. The display extended onto the sidewalk and attracted everyone's attention. The Hôtel de Ville has it's sparkly lights at the top and now the ice rink in front of it. It was busy with lots of skaters last night, the first night it was open. In the beginners area, the children could skate holding onto penguins. Quite cute! After seeing the rink, we walked over to Notre Dame. Crossing back to our side of the Seine, we get this wonderful view of Hôtel de Ville from the bridge, and on the next bridge, we saw one of the tourist boats approaching. You can see how the lights illuminate the buildings.

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Anke said...

Oh Paris looks really nice at Christmas, ENJOY!!!!!! Smiles, Anke ;)