Sunday, December 28, 2008

While sharing some views out the window of a studio at the end of the building, and a view looking left from the front entrance to the Cite, I also have to share this man walking down rue de Rivoli next to L'Hôtel de Ville. It's very chilly out, he's wearing a nice suit, gloves, scarf and hat. If only I'd taken a movie so you could see how confidently he was walking. It was very classy.

In the views from the window, you can see the little playground at the end, the Hotel de Sens (which is NOT a hotel) across the street and Hotel "something or other" (a state administrative building) which is to the left of the entry to the parking area. It have a nicely managed garden but it's a no-no to go up there to that space. We love going into other studios to see the different views. Everyone loves out view, however, since we have the Seine, Ile St. Louis, and Notre Dame. We love it, too.

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leenie said...


so happy to have shared your trip/blog this year in
Paris with you and chuck. glad your home safe and
your flight went well.