Saturday, December 06, 2008

Paris, food

In the morning, when we don't have a baguette, this is what our petite dejeuner (breakfast) looks like. The thin croquantes are very light and airy, the preserves our favorite Bonne Maman (which has become very expensive back home,) cafe au lait, and jus. A simple petit'dej.

The other day, we met up with some people at Le Loir dans le Thierie (the Dormouse in the Teapot) for dessert. The place is nearby in the Marais on rue des Rosiers. It has mismatched chairs and tables and is very cozy. Here is a fruit crumble and a lemon tart with LOTS of meringue.

When we order a meal, I usually order un carafe de l'eau (tap water.) There is a push to get Parisians to drink more tap water (fewer plastic bottle waste material.) This bottle shape is quite nice and I saw ones like this in the window of the historical society around the corner. On the carafe is printed: l'eau de Paris. I might need one as a souvenir! This carafe was at the Cafe Branley, at the Musee du Quai Branly. The lunch I had there was excellent. Quenelles of polenta on a bed of mushrooms, served with a salad & crispy "bread." This cafe is outside of the museum itself so you can stop in even if you don't go to the museum. I recommend it if you're in the area of the museum/Eiffel Tower.


Juli said...

I love Bonne Maman and am able to buy it at a local grocery store chain... BUT, they do not carry the fig!! You mentioned that on your last trip to Paris and I was quite envious. I'm a fan of the fig.

Barbara said...

mile high meringue! love it. I love all the sights and the food makes my mouth water. May I come to dinner tonight? xo babsLee