Thursday, December 11, 2008

Brocante, flea and antique market

We went to a flea and antique market. There were so many stalls, so much to see. Friends met us there and we had hot chestnuts to keep us warm, because it was mighty chilly. I got some buttons and the seller and I had a bit of a chat, which was nice. C. got a couple of nice things and, he was able to chat in English with the sellers. There were some things we wanted and couldn't have, too big, too heavy, or too expensive or all three. I really like this tea set, Danish, maybe from the '60s. The seller went down and down in price to something very affordable but we couldn't figure how to get it home inexpensively. We had to pass it up. I loved the buddha hand. So elegant. I'm glad to have this image of it. The clock dealer had lots of wonderful items. He deals in Bauhaus era, industrial, bakelite, very nice trucs. This market was nearby, on Blvd Richard Lenoir and Oberkampf. A nice walk from here, and was way more manageable than the big regular flea markets like the one at Ouen. (funny, one at Ouen!!) I made myself laugh writing that. ( NOTE: We just got a notice that the WiFi might be down for awhile as there is construction going on....somewhere. Oh dear. People are not happy.)

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