Friday, December 19, 2008

Japanese design show

We went to the Musee des Arts Decoratif the other day to see a show of Japanese design, contemporary products and graphics. C was the photographer as I'd left my camera at the studio. I wish there was an over-view to show you how wonderful the installation was. There was a section on fabric focusing on this man who does hand-painted silk. Two women were wearing kimonos made of his fabric. There were Japanese women attendants in each section to speak with you about what you were seeing, in English or French (or Japanese.) The designs were all based on functionality, simplicity, nothing extaneously, beauty. We loved the way the dishes stacked, and the cool work gloves with graphics on them, and the paper lightbulb shade, and the great looking kettle. In the center, there was an installation 1000 years of history, done in LED lights that went across lots of screens. It was gorgeous. We got a photo of the designer with his photographer and girlfriend when they were documenting the work. We spoke to him and he gave us his card. He was about 7' tall and very happy that we complimented him, or at least that's what we think was going on, since language was a barrier to actual conversation. BUT I think he knew we were complimenting his work. It was truly amazing to see the images moving across all of the screens that were separated from one another. Okay, that explanation is useless, ha ha ha, but it was pretty fabulous.

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