Saturday, December 27, 2008

Walking and Eating

Last night, we took a walk then decided to eat out. The Tour St. Jacques looks so beautiful now that it's been cleaned, and right near it, on rue St. Denis, is a restaurant called Le Trappiste. It has lots of beers on tap and serves moules with frites (mussels and fries) which I love. It was a perfect night for this as it was very cold out. Chuck had roasted chicken, which made him very happy. Afterwards, we had some creme brulee. It was very, very CREME and delicious. We walked back stopping on the way at the ice rink to watch people skating. The crazy kids were acting rash and we saw near crashes on the ice but, whew, no one was injured and everyone, even those terrified of being on skates, seemed to be enjoying the moment.

Today, it was very, very sunny and very, very chilly. We took a 2.5 hour walk. We went to the Monde Arabe to look around, but the book store was very hot and it made me feel ill so we didn't stay long. (I had on TWO wool sweaters!) We walked on St. Germain de Pres past the Cluny Museum, into the Patrick Roger chocolate shop which was very intimidating. Expensive chocolates! We walked back, passed the St. Michel fountain, the plant market, Hotel de Ville, getting more and more chilled, toes like ice cubes, ears like ice cubes, until we got to the Cafetheque. This is a little coffee shop where you can buy special coffees. We popped in for a little coffee and warmed up. A musician, who is living at the Cite des Arts, too, works there. It has a tiny front area and a tiny back seating area. It's the first time we ventured in after having passed by it many time this year and in past years. The coffee was delicious and after our toes defrosted we were able to walk the remaining few steps to the Cite. As I type this, the sun is almost set, the sky has a rosy glow close to the earth, the trees and buildings are like silouette cut-outs, as is the spire of Notre Dame. The towers of Notre Dame are lit up. I'm taking this all in, savoring it, as our days at the Cite come to a close. Just two more days in Atelier 8317.

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Jen Anderson said...

I've been to Le Trappiste. The moules frites were great. We found it almost by accident while looking for it. The person who'd been there before didn't remember the exact location or the name of the place, but we stumbled across it just the same.