Thursday, December 04, 2008

Ice sculptures

Our second trip to Bruges gave us the chance to see the Ice Sculpture exhibit.

We took the train from Brussels to Bruges on Monday for a second look. The ride was fast, 50 min. and inexpensive, 8 euros for the 2 of us round trip. There was a bus from the station in Bruges to the Centrum. At the station, there is a big tent filled with ice sculptures, so we decided to see them. It was, naturally, FREEZING in the structure. (-7c) Brrrrrr. We got lots of photos (see more on Flicker) and when we came out, it felt almost balmy outside. They had tissues ready for you to wipe your glasses which instantly fog up. It was raining when we got into the Markt Plein. We did a lot of walking, had lunch in a patisserie off the tourist track. We had little quiche & salad. I forgot to take photos of them. Then we had hot chocolate and shared an éclair. We took a few photos of Bruges but the rain prevented us from taking too many. We were glad we went back, happy with fewer tourists, sorry about the rain. We returned to Brussels on the 4:30 train and were back before 5:30! Fast trip

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