Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Food in Brussels

Some food in Brussels.... (yes, I consider chocolate to be food!)

Moules frites Provencales one night in a very touristy area. They come cooked in their own pot. They were delicious and plentiful. As I sometimes do, I took a shaky photo. At a really sweet little café called Wings Tavern behind the central station near the Flanders Design and the Cathedral, we had a lunch on Sunday. I got frites and a gouda cheese sandwich. The sandwich was so big, like a whole baguette, and the plate of frites was huge. Chuck got the special of big meatballs (2) with salad and frites. Such large portions for not very much money.

Monday night, we ate dinner at an Italian restaurant near St. Catherine’s church, close to the Christmas market and big ferris wheel. The place had great ambiance and aroma. I got a pizza with rocket on top. Chuck had farfalle with salmon in a creamy vodka sauce. The photo just didn’t show it off very well. We met up with Annick, whom we’d met at the dance concert the previous night. We had really enjoyable evening with her.

We ate chocolate in Brussels and Bruges, who could avoid that? I took no photos of what we ate because it was just too good to wait…so Chuck took a photo of a nice chocolate display in a window.

Chocolate here is good to look at and better to eat.


Mica said...

from the photos I feel like you guys are going to come back with a few extra pounds, but it always seems the opposite when I actually see you! Nice diet! Eat more delicious stuff and loose weight - I am so in!

waywithwords said...

Mim I am blown away with such beautiful works of art and Paris too. Your beautiful books for your collages and more are just great too. How I would love to receive one like that my new friend. This is the best blog I have yet to see and will be so very interesting and hey my friend I could really learn loads from you. Take good care and carry on enjoying your life in Art. HUGSxxxAnne