Sunday, December 28, 2008

In the Marais

Since this will be one of my last posts from Paris most likely, I'm going to show you some recent things in the Marais. We had lunch at our favorite place, the Swedish Cultural Centre, where we had lentil soup and cheese sandwiches. One can have refills on the coffee (I think I mentioned this before.) They had a snow machine in the courtyard blowing snow onto the little pine trees set up for the holiday season.

On another day, we spotted this Chanoukah van parked across from Monalisait bookstore. It was silent at the moment but at other times, it drove around playing holiday songs for everyone to hear. One day we stopped at this bakery and bought: a big brownie that was like a chocolate bar, a slice of poppy seed cake dripping with honey, and a piece of strudel. We made that last, oh, about a day!

Monalisait has a bookstore in our area and we love to stop in and browse. It has the best prices on postcards as well as books. The inside of this one shows the original "floor" which was a street or a courtyard. There is both a lower level, catacomb-like with paperback books, and an upper level with posters. The name of the librarie (bookstore) is a play on words.


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