Thursday, December 04, 2008

More of Brussels

Christmas Markets

We went to the square by St. Catherine’s and got some photos of the wonderful carousel. I bought a postcard and got some information about the creator. There are several market squares filled with little chalet like booths selling food, wine, books, crafts, knick knacks, all sorts of gift items. It was very lively on Saturday & Sunday nights, of course, and quiet on Monday night, though there were people there. No children were on the carousel on Monday, when we had cameras with us; too bad, because it was really cool in action. We drank hot wine both visits. Gluhwein it’s called.

The carousel was designed by Francois Delaroziere in 1999. It's called Le Manege d'Andrea. Isn't it so Steam Punk!


Barbara said...

delightfully eerie!

Mica said...

That carousel is AMAZING. I am pretty sure I saw it in a dream once.

Di Mackey said...

The carousel is back in Anvers, outside Centraal Station ... delightful.