Saturday, December 13, 2008

A "lawn," red trees, and the morning sky.

On our walk to Centre Pompidou, we came on this scene of men on a lift grooming the "lawn" on the wall of the BHV men's store. C. thought they were using a staple gun to add plants. I'm not sure about that. In front of Chez Julian, we saw these red sapins (pine trees) coated in what appeared to be red powdered pigment. There was a sprinkling of it on the ground. We'd thought maybe the restaurant created these but NO, there were many more on the terrace outside of Georges, the expensive restaurant at the top of Centre Pompidou. They are, also, in shop windows as holiday displays. C. took all of these pictures for me (my camera batteries had run out,) including the gorgeous sky from our window yesterday morning.


evrim and mary said...

Dear mim!
We had no idea you were in Paris! Wow. Enjoy it all for us. We've arrived back from Delhi just this week and are recovering, adjusting. I had some questions I wanted to ask you before our re-entry to Richmond in Jan. Will you be home by then? My email address is and mary's is - We both send our love and we'll keep up with the blog. warmest regards, e & m

Djouls said...

I think I miss Paris,
They do that every year now at the BHV.
Have you ever been to Chez Julien ? I always took photos of the place as we share the same name but never got to go there. It looks like a fine place.
Thanks for sharing.

Mica said...

The red trees are beautiful and strange.