Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Printemps Department store

Last night, C wanted to go to the Grand Magasins (big department stores) to see the Christmas windows, but I my foot hurt, after the walk to and from the Paris Mosquee, and it was cold out, so we stayed in...actually went to a birthday party upstairs, some Tunisian artists. We had no news at all until just now when I read two e-mails from the states, and a link to CNN. Wow! With no TV or radio, and not checking the news on-line, I'm SO out of the loop. I've now bookmarked the BBC on-line. Here's a photo from a news source. All the young police officers with Printemps in the background. You can see how grand this store is just by looking at the building. We'll go there maybe tomorrow night, to see the windows. Pictures of them will appear eventually.

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