Monday, December 08, 2008

The Marche au Producteurs, Paris

On Saturday and Sunday, we went to the market set up in the Village St. Paul. People had come in from their farms and cooperatives down the southwest of France (and some central south) to sell their hand made products. We got soap from Savonnerie Saponaire, owned by Ania and Jean-Sebastien Canaux. J-S waited on us, speaking English, which is helpful. Their soap is all natural and smells great. Can't wait to try out what we bought. We got a bottle of wine from this stall because I tasted the Vin Chaud (hot wine) which was a bit different tasting than the one we had in Brussels, but good. She told me that it was made with their wine (a 2005 Merlot) plus sugar, orange, and cinnamon.) I made it last night and it was tasty and felt good after a long cold walk home from a flea market/antique fair. I got one skein of mohair yarn. It's very fine and natural color. The honey stall had delicious spiced honey cake/bread and almond nougat, which we got on Saturday. They both were so tastey that on Sunday we bought more of the nougat. It was so filled with almonds that was very little of the nougat. I was happy to speak with the woman who made it and tell her how much we like it (in French.) We bought honey muffins from another stand, which were also excellent. The only vegetable stand was a Bio (organic) one and he was doing a brisk business. The produce looked great. Leeks, greens, kohlrabi, lots of root vegetables, plus the man had a case of his home made goat cheese. We just didn't know what to choose! There were stands selling snails and offering samples. The smell of the garlic coming from the steaming pots was so good, though I don't eat snails. There were samples of sausage, pate (see the stuffed geese,) chicken, cheese, wine, nougat, and preserves (confiture.) We bought some confiture to give as gifts to some of the staff here for Christmas.

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Ghostprint Gallery said...

c'est la richesse de la terre qu'on apprecie telement en france--- j'adore paris !