Monday, December 15, 2008

The Musselman Institute & Tea House

Today, Agnese took us to the Musselman Institute, which is connected to the Paris Mosque. It was a fairly short walk over to it, but with the chilly weather it seemed to take longer. We went into the building and found ourselves outside in a beautiful courtyard, and then we passed through a corridor into another courtyard. It was beautiful with lots of tile work on the walls and the floor of the small courtyard. It must be really amazing in warmer weather as there are fountains and pools of water. As you enter the tea house, you see a case of mouth watering (okay, I had to make that cliche because it's true) pastries. We went from there into indoor seating area. Lots of copper tray tables, a waiter bringing glasses of tea to everyone. Chuck went out and chose and assortment of pastries for us. There were little birds in the room that came down to the tables to clear up the crumbs. Oh, yes, I discovered why I was extremely cold walking over. I'd forgotten to add my wool layer of clothing, I'd left the sweater lying on the bed. Brrrrr!


Barbara said...

oh my! I haven't checked on your blog since the BIG cat! Love the photos and your tales. Thanks for sharing them. xo babsLee

Anke said...

Uhh, that looks and sounds like a wonderful place to be in summer or even anytime of the year. Birds picking the from tables? Wow, that would be NEVER EVER BE POSSIBLE in Germany! Amazing! Thanks for the email the other day, looking forward to see how Paris is over the holidays!
Smiles, Anke ;)

Le Synge Bleu said...

their couscous is awesome too. you should totally go to the hamam attached to the mosque- it is an AMAZING experience!