Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Paris, from my atelier...

My project for this year, is to work in small booklets that I've collected for awhile. Some are blank, little notebooks, but most are printed with information. In some, I'm doing a distinct collage on a page, in others I'm making the entire booklet into a collage. I've completed 4 and have one in progress. In addition to the booklets, I'm making small collages, appx. 2" x 3" or 5 cm x 7.5 cm, that I'm posting on walls in the Cite International des Arts (pres de Pont Marie) where we're residing while in Paris, for people to take away with them. So far, four of them have been posted. The one I placed up today, hasn't been taken as of this evening. I love that my little collages go out into the world randomly. Little surprise presents for people.

The other restriction I've given myself is to use only found paper, not to buy any. When our stay is over, all acquired papers will be discarded so that I can't replicate any of the work. They are distinct to this place and time in my life.

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