Monday, December 22, 2008

Le CentQuatre

On Thursday night we saw our last performance of the Festival d'Automne series. It was sound and movement and was very unusual. We really enjoyed it and came away very satisfied that we'd seen it. The choreography was Xavier LeRoy and the "music" was Helmut Lachenmann. The venue, Le Centquatre, was also very interesting. It's still being developed. It was formerly the municipal morgue. I just learned that last night. On my 1990 Michelin map, it identifies the building, which is quite huge on the map even, as Pompe Funebre Municipal. We knew that Pompe Funebre meant funeral home but seeing the size of the building we didn't get it. How could that be a funeral home? One of these images is a photo of work under way. The building has exhibit spaces, performance spaces, and will have a restaurant, cafe, and a children's area. It's in the northern part of the city, once again, we were off to an area we hadn't been in before.

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