Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Centre Pompidou

We went over the Centre Pompidou the other day. We saw three exhibitions in one day, were we ever overwhelmed! The only one we could take photographs in was the Ron Arad exhibit. There were architectural models, drawings, videos, his one of a kind, limited production or prototype furniture and his production pieces, and this crazy perpetual motion wheel thing that had been used at some shop in Tokyo (I think.) It was quite something to see all of this in one place. I'll put more of the photos that C took on my Flickr page. The other two exhibits were pretty terrific. One was a huge piece of history: Futurism in Paris. It covered Cubism as seen by the Futurists, an installation by Jeff Mills, Orphism, Vorticism, Russian Cubo-Futurism and a couple more -isms, I think. It was quite good. The other exhibit was work by Jacques Villeglé. We weren't familiar with his work but it's made of posters and billboards that he tore off walls starting at the end of the 1940s. He's rip the paper off, stuff it into his vehicle, and drag it into his studio where he'd reconstruct it, with interpretation. The early ones were nice, the middle period was terrific, the later ones repetitions and after a bit, boring. The middle period ones have had a nice influence on what I'm doing. I came back to the studio and began a series of collages that were structured differently. It was nice to have an exhibit have an immediate effect on me.

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Mica said...

That show looks amazing.