Sunday, December 28, 2008

Using the Metro and seeing our reflection

I may have mentioned this before, but the Metro station right in front of the Cité des Arts (Pont Marie, Line #7) no longer has a ticket counter. They've installed these machines and the person at the window only gives information. The most information he gives is: no tickets here, use the machine, or something to that effect. The first time we saw this machine we were a bit confused, but after we did it a couple times, it was perfectly simple. You make your choices by rolling the bar below the screen. You can use coins (but not bills) or a credit card. It even gives change and a receipt. Of course, it does help to be able to read French. However, if you look puzzled, some French person (or other American who's figured it out) will help you. It never fails, whenever we ponder over a map in the metro, someone will come up and ask if they can help us. In French first, and then in timid English.

I can't help but snap our photo whenever I spot us in a mirror. Oh, look, here we are again!!

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William said...

You know, I've been surfing quite a bit through blog after blog after blog, for some of those "special" articles one hardly ever sees….this is one of them~!

Nice Job.

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