Thursday, December 04, 2008

Some Bruges

Bruges, a lovely little city. I loved the canal boat ride, even though it was very chilly. We were able to get a good view without all the people on the crowded little streets. We went on Saturday with a bus tour, returned on Monday (when it was raining) when there were fewer people, and were glad we took the opportunity to go there. We'll now have to rent the film In Bruges again to see if we spot streets we'd actually been on. There were lots of little lace shops, many souvenir shops, a really nice design store that Chuck said he could live in, and lots of places selling chocolates and good buttery cookies, and of course, frites! Belgium is definitely a good country for eating!

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Anke said...

Oh yes Bruges is beautiful! I wished you had a sunny day there...looks pretty cloudy. Unfortunately looks like grey winter this year. Hope you see the sun sometimes....thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos. The food looks so delicious and I'm glad you enjoy your trip all the way!
Smiles, Anke ;)