Friday, December 19, 2008

City and Cité

Red and blue are the colors! Here's a display for Christmas, red artificial flowers in a beautiful display. These trees were set up in a courtyard, the lights blinked blue and white along the bottom. The red seating is in the Grande Salle of Centre Pompidou, where we saw a dance concert on Wednesday night by the Bruno Beltrao group. A fast paced choreography with roots in street dancing, hip-hop. Very athletic and satisfying. Here I am, on the Pont de Tournelle, Notre Dame in the background, in a photo by Agnese Zeltina (our Latvian photographer friend.) And finally, a photo of C's socks drying on his bed, and the college (high school) students outside waiting for their bus to take them on some excursion.

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waywithwords said...

Mim my friend thank you for your beautiful postcard from Paris. I too went there about twelve years ago to Lourdes with my grandaughter who has Cerebral Palsy and confined to a wheelchair. I had a wonderful time and loads of great memories.
I too enjoy painting and drawing but only a learner at this time. I also have a blog here, waywithwords and I am now following you with your beautiful blog. smiles. I will send you some postcards from my home town soon my new friend. HUGSxxxxAnne