Monday, February 28, 2011

The last alphabet month card, #90

 I totally cracked myself up with this series. Seriously, I've been laughing (silently, in my head) as I chose the images, as I glued them down, as I scanned them, as I posted one to the Mail Art 365 blog, seriously laughing about this. Why they're cracking me up so, I don't know other than that I'm giddy! Giddily happy!
 Why? (You might ask) Because I managed to book our hotel in London! It's real, we're really going. I have the flights booked, and now the hotel. So excited about this. Now it feels real. We have an apartment to stay in, and friends to stay with, at our other destinations.
 Now to find out weather in those places and get a wardrobe figured out, a minimal wardrobe, because I like to travel light, and besides I need room for my mail art kit and kaboodle.
This one, #90, itself, really makes me smile. What the heck is the story here? I think each of these is a strange story, except for the gal with the camera. Obvious, right?  

This is the last day of the alphabet month, which was proposed by a member of our group. He suggested a "," for the final day, but it pretty much looked the same in every typeface so I went for the much more versatile "ampersand." Sorry, Dewi.


Found art blog said...

WHERE ARE YOU STAYING????!! And what date are you in London?? and how long for?

Margie said...

Another grand slam by the mail art queen! I was smiling thinking about you smiling! London or bust! Xo