Wednesday, February 02, 2011

More #64s, can't help myself!

 I couldn't stop myself. I just kept thinking about the random possibilites with sewing maps. I took the idea from the earlier pieces I made today, and started to sew pieces of colorful maps to an odd shaped piece of topographical map I had on the table.
 I used my zigzag stitch and some straight stitching. I had such fun doing this that I didn't want to stop.
 After I stitched on as much as I could see, my eyes were getting weary, I marked off 4 postcards trying to catch in as much of the sew space as possible with little waste.
 I only had to add on to one piece to make a completely filled postcard size.
This last image shows the page before I cut it into sections. Of course, I was toooo tired to go back downstairs for my camera. Used old school cell phone.
Maybe I need TWO cameras, an upstairs and a downstairs. Oh how decadent that'd be. Maybe I should just remember to carry my camera up to the studio each time I plan to make more pieces. Oh, good idea, Mim!


Anke Martin said...

HI Mim! That is awesome!!!!!! What a thumbs up idea!!!!!!
Have fun creating many more!!!!!
I'm enjoying your every day mail art journey!!!!
Smiles, Anke ;)

mad said...

I totally love these!