Friday, February 25, 2011

#86 the letter "W" and a mail art call

 One lonely "W" sitting on my work table and a book of commerative U.S. states flower stamps. Hmmm, hope there's a lily in the bunch. Yes, there was and now it's on this postcard. It works for me.
Cynthia at Carytown Optical is sharing temporary space with Carytown Teas (the only Op-TEA-cal shop in the world she told me,) was intrigued by the mail art that Patricia and Mistie were receiving. She asked me to do a mail art call for her. So here it is. Please send her some Mail Art. She's very excited to receive some.
"Make a spectacle of yourself"

Do you wear eyeglasses, do you like eyeglass frames?
Some of us have a passion for eyeglass frames and
look for really interesting ones all the time.
Here's your opportunity to show your love for 

Theme: eyeglasses
size: standard postcard
medium: open
Deadline: 16 June 2011

No jury, no returns, all will be documented on-line
as well as exhibited on site permanently.

Family friendly please.

Send to: Cynthia 
Carytown Optical
20 S. Nansemond
Richmond, VA 23221

They will move back into their
renovated shops on 1 March 2011.

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