Tuesday, February 08, 2011

My #70s and something scary!

 Whew, I finished working on getting all the receipts tallied in preparation for our taxes being done. The annual, oh my, did I save every receipt from the previous year? Done. Now to hand it all to the actual tax document preparer.

That done, I went up to my studio to complete today's Mail Art, the letter "G."
 I had made several of these little 10 panel formats when I was working out the piece for the Graphic Novel Mail Art show. I had this one left and rather than fill it with "Gs", which I actually only had 3 of, I decided to go with the color green.

But then I decided to do something minimal, since I'm now a member of the minimal Mail Art group on IUOMA. It's an encouragement for me to use less.

Here's the scary thing. I captured this image the first night we were in New Orleans. Its in the garden behind the big cathedral.  We were walking along and looked up and didn't see the statue, just the shadow. aaaagh! Has this every happened to you, where you saw a shadow and not the thing that created it?


PostMuse said...

Shadow without creator ... it was only a robe, but I swore it was a person standing in my bedroom. I was frozen in fear. Couldn't scream. Couldn't move. It was like that for what seemed like hours but was certainly only minutes before I figured it out. This was back when I was newly single and trying to get used to living alone for the first time in my life (I was mid-40s). Pretty much everything spooked me the first year.

Noah said...

Funny, I took the exact same photo when I was in New Orleans!

andytgeezer said...