Friday, February 04, 2011

#66 series and Chinese New Year - rabbits!

 Today was "C" day in the alphabet month project of our Mail Art 365. I entered my studio this morning thinking "what to do what to do" and I pulled several letter "Cs" out of my box of letters. I laid them on my cutting board and thought "C" = collage, of course, so I decided on a simple collage. 3 elements and a letter would be my parameters.
 I wanted to use text as texture so pulled out some books in other languages that I have just for collage purposes. I got them at a library discard sale.
Since one of the books was in Russian, I decided I had to use it since it was in the Cyrillic alphabet. Perfect!

I was quite happy with the way these turned out. I like the simplicity. I will be doing more like these during the project, for sure.

For the substrate, I used packaging material, cracker boxes. The color is nicely neutral.
 I have a small porcelain bunny from Germany and a small hand carved wood bunny from the Shenandoah valley of Virginia.
 My honey reminded me that I had these two faux Staffordshire bunnies. A bit of searching and I re-discovered them. We had gotten them near Colonial Williamsburg many years ago.

Happy Chinese New Year! It's the year of the Rabbit. My honey and I are year of the Snake babies. What year were you born in?


Barbara said...


Cernjul Viviana said...

Best wishes from Argentina. Congratulations on your collection. Beautiful blog.
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Margie said...

I' m a monkey! 2012 is the year of the monkey, I think! Love all your latest mail art. You've been busy!!!

Barbara said...

I received my "C" (66C)today with all elements perfectly intact! Mim, you're right..."The Mailbox is a Museum!" Many thanks. It's a wonderful Composition!