Sunday, February 13, 2011

#75 series

 This is the day for the letter "L." I was thinking of all sorts of "L" words this morning as we walked to and from the market.   Thinking, thinking, "L" words.
 Nothing came to mind except Love and Like and Lovely. Nope, didn't want to do those.
 Then it came to me, as we walked, that I'd cover a large piece of mat board with music and then toss different sized black squares on it and glue them where they landed. Love the random aspect. Fun!
 I got so energized that I forgot to photograph my process, so you'll have to imagine a large piece of board, covered with music, and then black squares.  It was quite meditative to cut out the black squares in 3 different sizes. And now I have a stock of them in a tin.
 After I cut them out, I added the color bits and the letters. I worked on some of this while talking on the phone with cousin D. I got carried away, I couldn't stop myself.
 I had to keep making them and now I have a whole stash to address to mail tomorrow. I made it to the deadine of midnight (EST/GMT -5)
 Oh, yes, I decided on the word for this series after I completed the postcards.
Learning, that's what the "L" stands for. I love to learn, I spent lots of time learning to play the piano, I spent lots of time learning to be a good basic design instructor, I love learning Spanish, and new stuff in general.
Yes, "L" is for learning, may I continue to do so for a long, long time. 
Have you learned anything new recently?


Barbara said...

I have learned that worry gets one nowhere and does nothing. Happy Valentine's Day.
Love, bb

andytgeezer said...

Woah you're not joking! That is a LOT of L's!

muriel frega said...

Lindísimo! Lúdico, libre. So far the Ls are my favourites. You created nice compositions with them.