Saturday, February 12, 2011

#74, 74a & 74b, the letter K, and our garden

 I had more of the playing cards to have fun with, and how perfect for the "K" day. Also, someone in Belgium put out a mail art call "The King" so this was perfect for that call.   I love this woman's pose and so does the king.
 This beauty comes from the 1949 Photography magazine. What a look and notice the king looking at her. She's going to someone with a "K" in their name.
I didn't cover these with laminate. I may coat them with matte acrylic, however.
 In this king card, I liked the way the woman and the king are facing the same direction. She is definitely enjoying what she's viewing but can't tell about the king.
She's going to Europe, where it looks like she came from. What do you think? What country?
 Today we had three workers continuing the backyard/jardine makeover. I'm pretty happy with the way it's going as I can visualize the end result.
These men worked so steadily and accomplished so much in the time they spent back there. They'll be done more quickly than we thought. How nice. They're from Guatemala, which I may have mentioned, so I'm getting to practice and, hopefully improve, my Spanish. Today I learned the work for bathroom sink.

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Sue Bowen said...


You have to stop making me look bad with all of the energy you have, cooking, art, movies, etc. I love your mail art and I bet your cooking is just as good.

Just joking. I cooked today too. Keep up the awesome work and I will try to keep up with you!