Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Garden work begins!

 As Mail Art card #71 awaits my return to my studio to be completed, I want to show you the work that has begun on our back yard/garden.  Some of you may remember, from previous posts, my lovely bench which sat in this corner by my garage.
 The walk way from the stairs to the back gate is now under a big layer of dirt. The plan is to make a few levels as possible. Previously, we had many levels and we had to navigate up and down and over loose bricks and slate to get around.
 Oh look, there's my lovely bench! This view from the kitchen window is so surprising, right? See our lovely glass piece hanging there. N and J brought it back from istanbul for us when they were there a couple of years back. It protects from evil. We want that!

Here's another angle from the window. I'll keep you updated as this moves along.  Since the landscaper is from Guatemala, I'm thinking that my Spanish will improve. Do you know how to say "bricks!"


Paula said...

Alright, how come your yard looks like that, and I haven't seen my yard in weeks -- just snow! And it's snowing up a storm out there right now. I think I still have a yard somewhere -- maybe!

Anke Martin said...

Hi Mim! Your scary bread is funny ;) I bet it tasted good!
Can't wait to see you 'new' garden! Hopefully spring is coming soon!
I enjoy all your great new mail art!!! So inspiring!!!!

Smiles, Anke ;)