Saturday, February 05, 2011

The #67 series and a unique one

 This morning, I didn't get right to my studio as we had to meet with the man who's going to help us fix-up our back garden.  It's all uneven and we're worried about someone tripping and breaking a bone. 
 Then we decided to walk all the way to the end of Carytown, about a mile and a quarter (2 km) and get some stuff at Ellwood-Thompson (our natural food market.)  When we returned we decided to watch a couple DVDs that we'd rented last night. I used that sitting down time to cut things out of a replica Victorian scraps book.
I used some of them for my letter "D" series. Now how to make it fit! hmmm, Oh yes, I know "D is for darling." Aren't these little figures darling?

This card is unique, a one of one, for my friend who had hand surgery a few weeks ago. It's a wish for her to have a speedy and complete recovery of her dexterity.

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