Monday, February 07, 2011

#69s and my walk to the market

"Nous allons a Paris"
 What else could I do with the letter "F" but use these wonderful 1950s fashions. So stylish and of course, they had to be on a map of Paris.
"Vamos a ir a Paris"
 My Paris map had some Spanish on it so I used that to say Paris Fashion.
 Yesterday I walked to the Market to get an adjustment made on an overcharge from the day before. I started out, lovely sunny day, spring like, but look, there was no one walking out there except for me.
Post Office 23221

I walked past my 23221 branch Post Office. No one was there because it was Sunday.  I usually go to this branch because it's closer to other things, like my bank, the natural food market, than the 23220 branch, which is my zip code.
This is my natural food market, called Ellwood-Thompson, it's located at the Tee intersection of those two streets. We call it E.T. for short, naturally.

As I was checking out, I met up with my neighbors. Adrianna and her mom. We walked home together, which was a treat for me, and I learned that I wasn't the ONLY person walking to market that day.


Margie said...

You are so cute! What a lovey way spend time on a sunny Sunday!! Xo

Margie said...

You are so cute! What a lovely way to spend a sunny Sunday! Xo