Friday, February 25, 2011

#87, 87a & 87b

 Thanks for this idea goes to my hair cutter exemplary, Meriel over at Spa310.
When I told her today was "X" day, she said something about "X" rated and I thought about those black strips put over eyes on photos. Fun!

I'd decided that today was going to be a walking day, preparing for my trip, which will include much walking.
 I walked to the Science Museum this morning, in the drizzle, for my Spanish Meet-Up. The walk home was in full sunshine and lots of wind.
After some lunch, I walked to Spa310, with really strong wind trying to hold me back.  I kept looking at the trees to make sure there wasn't a cracked one about to be blown down onto my head. Seriously, I thought about that! Silly moi.  The walk home was quick, as the wind was at my back.  But oh it was so sunny nice and are we fortunate. Our friends in southwestern Massachusetts reported lots of snow and my sisters in Los Angeles reported lots of rain.

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Margie said...

Fun, fun, fun! Great X series.