Sunday, February 27, 2011

#89, a series + a surprise from my honey.

"Z is for Zodiaque"
 Today is the last letter day of alphabet month. The person who proposed this, Dewi Johan, suggested a comma for the last day of the month, but I'm not going for that. The comma is so necessary, I use it so often, but it's so tiny. I want something to make more of a statement, something that has more variety and comes in different fonts. I'm thinking The Ampersand! I am very fond of ampersands. I think I have, at least, two of them ready to use.
"Z is for zorille"

I decided that this last letter day would be straight forward - Z is for____ .
 I used my old Petit Larousse for the images with the big dots for action. They actually line up in a nice rhythm, these three cards, but they'll be separated. Not sure who'll receive them.
"Z is for zinnia"

I'm sad that alphabet month is over. It made it easier for me to have something to springboard off of each day. I do have something planned for 1 March, having made plans to exchange like images with another member of IUOMA.
From there onward, we'll see what happens.

I got a nice surprise from my honey the other day.
A big box arrived at our door. What is this? It contained 4 mugs, designed by iittalla of Finland, oh my, I was delighted. I've loved their designs for years. Normally, my honey would choose very geometry designs, so I knew that these were chosen for me. The stylized birds and plants are sooo cute. I really like these. Aren't they so Finish? I've been drinking tea from this mug all day.


Margie said...

Aw, what a wonderful surprise. I love them. And you know me and birds! Great ending to the alphabet series!

VioletSky said...

I love the mug design. Finnish art is rather distinctive.
Thank you, Thank you so much for my Z is for zinnia card!!!

word verification is "demons" which I have been fighting for at least 3 weeks now. so this was a great pick me up.