Monday, February 21, 2011

#83 the letter "T", a series

 We went to the Virginia Museum of Fine Art this afternoon to see the Ifa exhibit (Art from Ancient Nigeria.) It was inspiring! I just wanted to get home and make art. When I sat down in my studio, this is the series that resulted. I don't see any connection with what I saw at VMFA but maybe there is one.
 The series is the letter "T."  They're all about torn and top, where I placed all of the letters.

 So far, I'm at day 83, and I've sent a total of 193 pieces of mail art related to the project. I'll get to 365 before the year is over, however, my goal is to make mail art every day for a year. That I'm making more than one a day is incidental to my goal.

My favorite is the one on which I placed the series number (83.) Which one do you like?


PostMuse said...

I like the one with the map bits best ... it looks like "territory."

Margie said...

Good choice. Like the composition. You crack me up. I so enjoy what you say in your posts. Xo

Neal Deesit said...

You might entitle this series of pieces "Homage to Rip Torn, a male artist."

mim said...

That's good Neal. Wish I'd thought of it. I actually met Rip Torn when I was very young.