Monday, February 14, 2011

#76 and more

 I managed to get today's mail art done this morning. Yay! Now to get all of yesterday's piece and this one into the post before 1 p.m. Oh, it's the letter "M" day and a good way to use the museum tickets and such that I've saved.
 Happy Valentine's day! Here's the crazy cake I made yesterday for the dinner party. One large heart shaped layer with three small heart cakes on top of it. I had to secure them with skewers as they were sliding off at first. The cake is a simple one-bowl cocoa cake with a butter cream icing.  My honey did the decorating with M&Ms and cinnamon Jelly Belly candy.
This is the salad that I made. Decorated it with red beets, pears and blue cheese. It was a savory before the sweet dessert. Thought I'd share food with you, since I've been focusing more on my mail art lately. Wish I could send you some cake, or salad.

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