Wednesday, February 09, 2011

#71 and another scary thing.

 This is such a cliche, yes? And so close to St. Valentine's day, too.  I had an incomplete deck of cards left over from an Artist Trading Card workshop and I had this heart diagram from an old book, so what else could I do but use them for the letter "H" postcard.  Because I was worried about the postal machinery chewing this up, I covered it with laminating plastic. I was given quite a little stack of it by my neighbor a few weeks back. I'm not sure I like the edge it created around the playing cards. Hopefully, however, this will make it through the machinery. It's going to someone in my same zip code so should arrive in a day and I'll get input from the recipient. She's getting it because her last name starts with an "H."

Here's something scary. I cut slices of my ciabatta a couple of days ago and found this!! I put it near the toaster for the portrait, which seemed appropriate. I did not toast it in the end, however, just slathered it with butter and strawberry preserves. Yum!

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Margie said...

That card is a bit of an optical illusion as you only see the cards and not the black background at first. I like it!