Sunday, February 06, 2011

#68 and a Graphic Novel in 10 panels

 Today's letter of the alphabet for the 365 project is the letter "E" and since my younger sister's name starts with that letter, I'm sending this to her. 

As usual, I hadn't a clue what I'd do for today, but last night, while watching 2 more movies (The Oxford Murders and Toy Story 3) I cut out lots of letters of the alphabet to add to my little tin of letters.
Because I planned to submit to the Mail Art show in London having to do with Graphic Novels, I drew panels on 2 postcard blanks. After doing the submission to the show, I thought I'd just fill the panels with the letter "E." It worked.

This is the card for the Graphic Novel Mail art Show. If you have any interest in participating you can clik on the link for details about submission. The deadline is 11 March 2011, so there's plenty of time.  Some of my former design students might find this familiar.

This is my story in 10 panels. Can you think of a caption for it?


Barbara said...

Eileen is my Mom's name! And how 'bout Split Rhythms (not Broken Rhythms) for the graphic one? Oh, this mail art is wonderful, Mim! So glad you blog about it. Thanks! ~bb

andytgeezer said...

I love it! The mailart community never fail to dazzle and I really like your take on the challenge Mim.

As for titles, perhaps "Crash" or "Progress"

I feel a dynamism here, although in abstraction it may be best to remain suggestive.

andytgeezer said...

Telling a story has arrived in perfect condition Mim! Looking forward to putting it up on the library walls. We may actually miss the show, as the projected start date is 25th March, and we're on honeymoon from 20th. Meh

This theoretically means you could have brought it over yourself...