Wednesday, February 02, 2011

#64s & more

"A new place"

"A-nother new place"
Roasted veggies
 Today is the second day of the alphabet challenge, the letter "A." I decided to do whatever I wanted and fit in the letter, but then it appeared that I created a new place so the "A" worked for that. Sewn pieces of paper to a topo map which was then glued onto a piece of cardboard from a cracker/biscuit box.
Sultan's Nest

The colorful maps are from a map of London that my friend Andrea sent to me. This card has a tiny A on the map already so that worked for the alphabet project.

I promised some photos of food from our New Orleans trip. Here's what I ate at The Green Goddess restaurant on Exchange Alley. It's a tiny place, no reservations, the chef comes out to chat with the patrons, the cooking goes on right near you in a teeny, tiny space, and the whole place smells of delicious cooking.

The dessert is pistachio ice cream, topped with a nest of philo dough, some whipped cream and some honey sauce. Yum!! We shared this one.


Barbara said...

oh, those roasted veggies look delicious! and yes, followed by the dessert...
Jer would say: "It's true! New Orleans has some serious food." thanks for these photos. xo, bb

Margie said...

I love anything sewn, period! I wish had a sewing machine. It adds so much interest and texture! Love those Mim...and cute babies, random, but cute! LOL Margie