Tuesday, March 01, 2011

more mail art and something cute.

 This one, #91 in the series of 365, was made for a fish card exchange. I saw a postcard with fish on it, by Roberto Rios on his IUOMA blog, and I liked it, commented on it, and next thing you know, we're exchanging cards. I had this Pez picked out to do something with and this worked out swimmingly. It's off in the mail today.
While looking on my shelves for my Mail Art workshop handout, to send to Andy, our MailArt365 group founder, when I came across a 3 ring binder I'd put together with inspirations from one of my "cork" board. In it was this little item. I'd forgotten what I'd done with it, so now it's going to be on view. What is it? It's the little (4.5" - 11.5cm) "cap" that my mom wore when she worked at the Orange Crush stand during the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago. There are two button hole like openings  where a ribbon threaded through, which was then use to tie this on the wearer's head. I'm picturing it on the slant near the forehead with the bow tied at the back of the head by the neck. Can you picture that?
Mom must have looked so cute.

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