Sunday, March 06, 2011

#95 and Rivermont Gallery, Lynchburg. VA

Friday, collage & assemblage works
 On Friday evening, we attended the opening of my honey's exhibit at Rivermont Gallery in Lynchburg, Virginia. It's located a little over 2 hours south west of where we live, in the Blue Ridge Mountains on the banks of the James River (which, also, runs through Richmond.)  The works on display were examples of Chuck's collage, assemblage, glass and clay pieces. They were beautifully displayed. I was happy that I took a few photos before the gallery became crowded. Chuck was so pleased at how many people attended. 

Friday evening, glass works

Speaking to group
 The gallery is a beautiful space, which unfortunately, doesn't have it's web site developed yet. If, however, you are ever near this area, you'd really enjoy see the gallery (and Chuck's work if you go during the month of March.) Tell John that I sent you! This link will give you the address.

On Saturday's after each opening, John Morgan, the proprietor/artist/teacher, has the artist whose work is on display, do a brief talk. Here's Chuck before a group of 30 people, on a sunny Saturday morning. People were very attentive and afterwards had lots of questions for Chuck.

You can see more photos of the gallery here.
We returned home on Saturday, so tired, because John had  an after opening gathering that was so nice, with lots of conversation, wine, food, and we stayed up late and got up early. And Chuck had expended lots of energy during his talk. The drive back via routes 29 and 64 was lovely, through the moutains, the bare trees, the fields, the big gray overcast sky, get the picture, the kind of drive that makes you sleepy. We had to stop for some lunch off the highway (a salad at a McDonald's, not our favorite eating place but the choices off the highway were not great, fast food fast food fast food.)

I did have time to make my #95 when I got home. I'm still in the mood to make drawings, so I made a cluster of Hepatica blossoms. They have white stamens & pistels,but i couldn't do that with Neo-colors, so you'll have to image them.

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PamelaArtsinSF said...

The gallery space looks great and the work sounds wonderful. Wish i could have seen it. And the drive looked beautiful. The whole things sounds like a lot of fun -- except maybe for the McDonald's salad....but been there and done that too when necessary.