Wednesday, March 02, 2011

#92 moving on towards 100!

 Okay, I've moved away from simple cards on this one. My process is below.
 I've noted in my title that I'm moving towards 100. My son, the 365 guru, noted yesterday's card number while he was having dinner with us last night. "You're close to 100," he said.  He told us that when he'd gotten to 100 on Skull-a-Day, it was a sort of tipping point. 
So far, so good for me, as I anxiously move forward to that magical number. I'll report on how I feel when I hit that mark.
 I covered a piece of cardboard with a background of scenery.
 Next, I added lots of my cut out large automobiles. They were large in life and they're large in my cut-outs.
By the time I trimmed the cardboard, I was able to get 2 postcards and several small collages that will be fun to play around with as ATCs.

I'm not sure what these cards say, as far as a narrative goes, so I'm calling #90 "When gas was cheap and I was young" and #90a is "When gas was cheap and jumping was fun."  Maybe you'll come up with a better story.


margaret said...

I especially love these. They are much more complicated, but still controlled...
Mad madge

Foust said...

Love my #92!!!


Foust said...

Love my #92!


Margie said...

Great vintage feel!